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would this be a better set up on a 2002 Foreman es? i only ride in water/mud when i have to, and sometimes for fun but never over the seat. with the Dial-A-Jet i'm planing to add a pipe (FMF powerline) and an K&N or UNI.
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are they not water proof or what
i think it would be fine i think they even sell snork kits for the dial-a-jets i would just like put some tape over the screw part so your not gettin it all covered in stuff
i guess they do i wonder if you can get them to fit foreman 500
Looks like they list the foreman for the dial-a-jet - hopefully the snorkel would also work.
yeah i seen that and they build the snorkle to fit all the the dial-a-jets
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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