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DGL question!!

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For you guys that have a DGL on your 450. I just installed a DGL on my '02 450, filled it with the additive and gear oil. Went out for a test run, and I could not believe how EXTREMELY hard it is to steer in 4x4, when I take it out of 4 wheel drive and turn it in 2 wheel drive it seems fine. Can you guys think of any reason this might be happening?? I think I might take it back apart tomorrow and re install it just for sake of it.
I thought that I would add that when installing the cover over the DGL, there was a gap of more than a 1/4in., and I had to force the cover on. Is that normal? Or did I do something wrong there??

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I have noticed a slightly stronger pull than the stock limited slip while in 4WD but nothing extreme with mine. You will get used to it...especially appreciate it when you need it.
This pull that Iam feeling is way more than "slightly stronger", it is down right ridiculous. It has got to be something that I did wrong during the install. I just can't imagine what it would be, I have read the instuctions (both in print and the PDF) a million times!!
I just got my DGL in the mail today and going to install this weekend.
MUDLORD can you pass on any info if you find out whats going on with your locker.
Also where did you get the PDF file for the install?

I will keep ya posted, chances are, yours willbe just fine. This is just Murphy'sLaw with me! Here is the PDF link
I have the 03 450S and was just reading that some 03's require the ring gear to be machined down. that would be my luck. more down time and money.
thanks for the link
If you are on hard ground it is going to be pretty hard to steer. What you are experienceing (sp) sounds about right, you gotta think both tires are going the same speed, so they are both fighting each other in a turn.
QUOTE ("bnjeep":1c2m7e3p)
What you are experienceing (sp) sounds about right, you gotta think both tires are going the same speed, so they are both fighting each other in a turn.
Isnt the DGL suppose to let the inside tire slip just a little and turn a tad bit slower? i might be wrong
Only when it is in 2wd, when there is no power going to the front end then the dgl will slip while turning when in 4wd the power applied to the frontend locks the two tires together. I hope this makes sense, kind of hard to explain in words.
Here is a pic of the gap that I am experiencing, seems to me that the new cover should fit plumb when you put it over the DGL without pressing down on it. Atleast that is how it looks in the instruction pictures. Is it possibility that I was sold the wrong DGL? I have an '02 450, and I was sold the DGL #2.
does 02's have to be machined? is that the problem??
That looks like it needs the inside lip machined down. I read it somewhere on the HL site yesterday.
Mine is the 03 and has that lip, now I know I'll need to have mine machined as I ordered the DGL#2 kit.
Do you have the springs in properly? Looking at the instructions photos you may just have to rotae the DGL to get the two halves to line up and seat. Or is it the springs puhing the two halves apart?

I should be getting mine from UPS today. I'll post how my install goes this wknd if you still need any help.
The part that has to be machined down is inside of the ring gear as shown here in this]PDF
The '02 and I think the '03 have ring gears that are basically empty in the middle, here is a pic[/img]

Therefore it can't be machined.
Mudlord, did you get your diff figured out? Still havent got mine yet. Was suppose to install this past wknd. Like to know what you found out to be the problem.
I think I was just being paranoid! We rode this weekend, and I didn't have any problems whats so ever. As a matter of fact, I was watching a buddy of mine ride his Foreman (his turns real easy in 4x4 with a DGL), and I noticed that his was in 3 wheel drive on occasion. So, I came to the conclusion that mine was working right, and that maybe something was wrong with his. And man what a difference that thing makes!!!! I was able to get up some pretty steep, muddy banks in the river we rode. Get the DGL!!!! You will love it!! But it will be hard to turn, and you will get used to it.

Good luck with your install Culvert, it really isn't that hard, just time consuming.

I also added a pic of my buddy Chet (we put a DGL sametime as mine) riding in the river.
Thats good to hear. I was suppose to have mine in already but UPS has lost it. Now I'm waiting for them to track it or get me a new one. Dont know how long that will take??
I cant wait to get it.
U guys that ride under water is it thats what you have for trails down there or is it just short sections you have to get across??

I cant believe some of the phots you guys take. Up here it is mud and muskeg. Muskeg is just a big floating section of peatmoss on top of water.
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