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DGL Install

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I'm bout to reinstall the diff after getting the locker installed in it and i realize that i didn't label the axles as right and left when I removed them. OOPS. Are the right and left axles the same or are they different. If they are, how do you tell the diffenence? Thanks

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Figured it out.
Hey you think you can do a write up on the install...thats my next mod. Post back after the install and let us know how you like it
I'll see what i can come up with. I didn't take any pictures during the install. I finished it earlier, but won't have an opportunity to test it. Goin to Red Creek on Sat. so i should know somethin by then. The install isn't too difficult. If you have a basic set of metric tools, floor jack, jack stand, and some mechanical skill, the install should be no problem. On our particular model, there is a collar on the ring gear that must be machined off. So if you do the install, the only way to return the bike to stock is to purchase another ring gear. You may want to check in your area for a qualified machine shop that can do the work before you purchase it. If you ride on the weekends, I would recommend tearing it down at the beginning of the week so the you have time to get the machine work done and it put back together by the end of the week. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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