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DGL for foreman

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I want to get one of these, but ive read the ring gear needs to be machined, is this true? I would send it to HL, but shipping would be rather much but if i order one i may go ahead and let them do it, sinc they know what they are doing. Im not worrying about putting it in, just the machining part is what scares me. Anyone with one let me know about the install and how it is holding up.
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I installed my DGL myself and have had no problems with mine at all. I don't do alot of deep mudding...only once in a while when required. I don't ride very often unfortunately. I don't think any machining modifications ar necessary on the Foreman. It pulls like mad on technical trails when you need it...much better than limited slip. Not too bad for steering effert either. I run it only when 4 wheel drive is needed and 2 wheel drive most of the time.
Everywhere i look it says it needs to be machined, the ring gear that is, but have looked at the instructions on HL and dont see where it says to machine it
So if i get it no machining on a 450?? I seen that rincons need it, i will buy it as long it is a bolt on mod and no machining, thanks
Got to have it
IWould have never thought it would have made such a difference in my 400 foreman.
By far one of the exspensive mods but in my opinion, worth every dollar,especially on technical trails and deep mud!
I did the install myself, just pay close atttention to the directions they can be misleading a little, seems I remember something about the washers, also take it apart and check to see if the clutch plates are in the right order, steel fiber steel fiber etc.
I have had mine about a year with no problems, awsome mod!
oh yeah
I'm sure the machining is for the Rincon
Just give highlifter a call , they have been very helpful to me in the past, especially when I was installing mine
Thanks, i just wanna know why mine is 350 and most other dgl's are only 295 or 325, whats the difference
the reason of the price difference is the design of the diff. yours being a newer model. I seen your post on HL as well. Your Ring gear has a lip on it that requires it to be machined down smooth with surface. Some of the 03 model required this as well and some didn't. The DGL will not fit unless this is done. The directions are straight forward for the install. If you run into any problems HL has a tech line that can help you as needed as well as some of the guys on the HL forum. A good machine shop will charge around $30-$40 to do this job.
Can someone post a pic of the ring gear and what needs to be machined, like add an arrow to show me the lip, ive never taken one apart
sorry no pic's, here is a part's break down. Look at the piece between 18 and 26. It doesn't show the lip but gives you and ideal of what your working on.It mounts into the ring gear. If I am not mistaking this is the part needing to be machined. I have never install a DGL in the new style diffs.

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Why will it not let you buy that peice between them??? Its nearly 150 for that whole assemblt thats a part of
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