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DG locker

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Hello just wondering what people think about these? Do they just bolt right up in? How hard is it to install. Are there any bad effects from them? Thanks I am going to buy one if they just bolt in.
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They require a little more than "bolting right up", but well worth the money!!!

Pull the diff out, split case (not sure with the 04, but with mine I had to machine the ring gear, any machine shop can do this), install locker and reassemble. Finish up with synthetic gear lube. If synthetic is used, you don't need the additive. Not hard, just a little time consuming!!!

Go for it.
Thanks. How hard is it to steer on trails?
In two wheel drive you don't even know it's there.

In four wheel drive it takes more to turn. Here's how I see it: when you need four wheel you will probably be in mud, snow or something slick. In these situations it is pretty easy to steer, a little more effort than stock but nothing unbearable. On hard pack it is hard to steer, but why would it be in four on hard pack.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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