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detroit locker

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i recently purchased a detroit locker for my foreman, i am running 28"outlaws and i havn't put the locker in yet , does anyone think i'll have trouble turning the 28's with that extra tire pulling now? as of now, without the locker , i turn them **** good, oh yea, and also installing a clutch kit
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you will lose some with the extra tire pulling. but you will not be dissappointed in the DGL, it will be a completely different bike. the clutch kit is a plus, you will need it.
thats what i been hearing, that i wont be dissapointed in it, thanks for the input
I just put one in my 06. Love it, I've had them in all my Honda's.

MAKE SURE YOU COUNT YOUR FRICTION PLATES. I had to take mine apart three times because it was assembled wrong at factory.
how much is that locker going for?
around 350 plus shipping from hightlifter
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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