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detroit locker

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does anyone have a front end locker in ther 05 or 06 foreman?
I am wondering how it handles while in 2-wheel drive and riding on trails
I was seriouly thinking about one of theses as long as it dosent adffect 2-wheel drive perfomance and turning

2006 foreman red
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you will not notice it there in two wheel drive.
Like dirty said, you wont even know that it is in there.
If you are going to put a locker in you may want to upgrade your axels first
I am still running stock axles, I am sure they will go eventually but I have had decent luck so far. It all depends on how you drive and the tires you are going to run.
Yeah jeep is 100% correct if you are going to run something like edls, outlaws or something with a very aggressive tread you might run into problems.......But I ended up breaking an axel without a locker so good luck to ya
Dirtyrider....You wern't kidding about your profile.." Ride it like you stole it "..I have seen ya ride. You need to be employed by a Honda Accessory company. You definately put er' to the test. Good for you.. We will call it the " Harry's Test ". If it holds up to your riding style, It is some good $hit.. Ha Ha Ha. Ya'll go thru some nasty stuff and make it..
Nothing is never to deep or nasty to try as long as you are on a honda..........I learned everything i know from dano lol
KUDO'S....Good job !!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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