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detroit locker question

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well, i'm kinda getting tired of the "one wheel peel "!! while all my buddies have a diff lock on thier grizzlies and pull out of holes that i have to fight to get out of. so i have a few questions before i make my mind up and buy one.
1. who should i buy from?
2. about how much would a shop charge to install it?
3. is it worth getting?
4.does it come with a push button or a cable?
5. does any one have a pic they can put up of how they have their mounted to their handle bars?

thanks in advance

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1. The cheapest place you can find one. They are all the same.
2. $40 for the machine work. Probably $200 in labor, if they are like the shops around here.
3. That is up to you. I have not heard one person who is dissapointed they purchased one.
4. No cables or wires. You may be thinking of the Warn 4-2-4 "Unlocker"
5. See #5

It will act the same in 2wd as stock, but when you flip the switch, it will lock the front wheels. Instead of the constant transfer of power from one wheel to the other.
so let me see if i have this right, when i push over my switch to engage 4 wheel drive it will automaticly be locked, no limited slip ? or do i have to engage 4 wheel drive the usual way and pull some type of cable? i would much rather have it lock up the front diff when i switch 4 wheel drive on.

yes i auto locks when you switch to four wheel drive no cables or anything to push or pull
who sells this?
can get it from highlifter
You will love it, if you have the cash I say go for it. You can also send the front diff to HL and they will grind ring gear and install.
he is the high lifter page for the DGL it says 05 Foreman 500 but im almost sure that it will fit on 06

$350 for DGL then if you want to send it to them they can put it in the diff for $120 plus shipping to and from HL
Mike the DGL is a great mod, I love mine and wouldn't have it any other way. It makes a world of difference in the performance of the bike with the extra wheel pulling.
The only problem that you are going to run into is that they are on back order i have been waiting for 2 months for highlifter to get them in atleast thats what the lady at the shop is telling me
What has to be machined that cost 40.00?
Oh,,,Ring gear,,,sorry didn't see it.
I live here in Shreveport LA where highlifter is located. They had a customer appreciation day recently and I bought one for 10% off. I took my front differential out and brought the locker and diff to them.. it cost me $120 for them to machine ring gear and install locker (only took them a day). It took me and a buddy about 2 hrs to remove diff. but was much quicker putting back together. It does make a huge difference in mud holes. In my opinion it allows you to actually take advantage of the independant front end. No buttons to push...It only kicks in when in 4wd and one of the front tires slip. It isn't that hard to turn either...and I have 29.5's! Total cost was under $500 but that was without shipping costs.
I have seen a detroit gearless locker go in without haveing to machine the ring gear and it works just fine is there a downfall to not machineing it?
What year/type machine, it probably didn't require any machining.
Its a 2005 honda foreman 500 ES 4x4
QUOTE ("dirtyrider6104":d62saor1)
Its a 2005 honda foreman 500 ES 4x4

My '05 foreman did require machine work. They have to remove a lip on the ring gear for the locker to fit. If the gear wasn't such hard metal you could use a grinder but it is so that would be a waste of time.
Go for it . you do it yourself just take the diff out and all apart and go to a machine shop and have the lip turned down flush with the ring gear, 5 minutes 20 to 40 bucks no shipping (or 120 bucks). they come with instructions and pictures . reinstall the diff and axles .bam done
I have personally sat and watched someone put theres in and didnt have to machine anything just slipped right in and it works like a charm
i was considering the locker but am worried about steering being harder.

i have 28 12 12 laws in the front and is a little harder to steer as it is.
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