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Detroit Gearless Locker

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I have heard that the Detroit Gearless Locker has to be rebuilt from time to time if this is true how often? I ride mostly trails but do like to play in the mud. How is the stering of the locker in 2wd? Is it worth the effort it takes to install and rebuild if you have to? I tryed the front brake thing and it did not work so i need to do something.
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Like anything it will have to be rebuilt eventually, but, I have over 1000 miles on mine so far and still going strong. I actually found that in 2wd it allowed the bike to steer a bit easier than stock, different story in 4wd, have to be on loose or wet ground to steer. Easy in the mud, best upgrade for the Foreman in my opinion. I posted a bit of an install guide here, <a href="" target="_blank"> ... highlight=</a>
This is one of the best mods you can do to a honda IMO. Mine lasted around 2-2.5 years before I had to rebuild it the first time. My style of riding starting getting more and more aggressive through the years and the rebuilds came a little quicker. Still wouldn't have it any other way.
This is all good to know, I'm thinking about getting this mod too!
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