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Detroit Gearless Locker!!

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Have anyone ever used a detroit gearless locker? Does it only engage when you activate 4wheel drive? Will I need to repace my axles to keep from breaking them?


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yeah, your bike will be normal in 2 wheel drive. It will be a little harder to steer in 4wd. I don't know about the axel. Haven't heard of anyone have to. Just put some extra money aside for some gorillas.
Just orderd mine yesterday. When I get it in I will let you know how it is.
IMO, next to tires, its the best modification you can do to your bike. It is gonna be tuffer on axles, but if your careful the breakage will be minimal. Had mine almost a year and have only broken one.
Detroit Locker

I have a Detroit Locker and it truly works in 4 wheel drive. When I select my 424 for 2 wheel drive I don't even notice it. In 4 wheel drive it steers a little harder but not bad. A well worth investment because limited slip sucks.

You don't need to change the axles.
It is one of the top mods you can do. You will definitely go further than before. It will steer hard when engaged in 4wd but you get used to it.

I never broke a stock axle with the locker but, I know a few people that have. You do have to be careful when you are coming out of a hole to not get the front tires bouncing.

How hard is that DGL to put in any info cause mine should be here this Friday?

Thanks for the help guys! I planned on getting one. Highlifter will do it for about $150 if you take the diff off and send it. Some people are saying that there's a lip that needs to be machined off. Also, some people say it slides on with no problems. Who knows!? But im going to try to install myself first. If I hit a road block I will consider sending it to highlifter.

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NO WINCH.. Dont need it if you dont get stuck!!

Coming Soon......Detroit Gearless Locker, HMF Farter, Dyno Jet power Kit and Homemade Intake Snorkle
Mine should be in this Friday and I am installing it on saturday I can let you know. I am going to have fun this weekend with the power kit and DGL from atvoutfitters. I hope to finish it in a couple of hours then go riding in the after noon. I hope to see some really good power now.
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