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detroit gearless locker 2005 foreman

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how hard is it to install a detroit gearless locker on a 500 foreman and how long would it last being i have a 2wd or 4wd switch

thanks dave
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its not to bad of a job, just requires time, 2-4 hrs for the DGL itself depending on your abilitys. with yours being a newer model it will require some machine work (more time) on the ring gear before the locker can be installed. Mine lasted 2.5 years before my first rebuild. A rebuild kit runs about $50
Yeah it is not that bad, you just need to take the ring gear to a machine shop and have it maching a little. Not a big deal, it is very well described in the instructions. I have had mine in for about a year nad not had any problems with it.
Does it lock both front wheels good when one gets in a bind not the one wheel wonder?
Should the DGL only be considered if you ride primarily mud? We ride alot of rock etc.. Just curious how it would hold up in that kind of situation. Also, how about the steering? Any real difference 2wd?
Detroit Locker

QUOTE ("wolfemsn":3fincss7)
Does it lock both front wheels good when one gets in a bind not the one wheel wonder?
It's the real deal, I have it on my Honda 350 Rancher 4x4. along with a 424 kit from Highlifter. All 4 tires digging when you need it most.
A locker is a huge plus in any situation where four wheel drive is necessary. Night and day difference. Steering effort increases slightly but well worth it

Awesome mod for the old Honda
I here that I know that has to be a good investment because I like to ride mud, trails, and water along with going to the woods pulling a trailer through just about all of that.
So you guys with them only use them when you reeeeeally reeeeally need it?
How does it work? When wheels straight it's 4x4 but it slips (lets out side wheel spin faster) when you turn the wheels or is it 4x4 like the spool locker. Does it need a compressor like the big truck lockers.
Other than the hard steering what are the disadvantage of the spool locker.
SORRY not trying to steal thread.
A detroit locker works like this:

When no power is being applied, it allows ONE wheel to spin faster than the other. Never does it allow one wheel to spin slower than the ring gear, only faster.

What that means, is that you should never have a situation where only 1 tire spins.

When power is applied, it locks both axles together, just like a spool.

The main differences in a spool and a locker, is the ability to let one wheel spin faster than the other, which makes turning easier.

However, if you are turning when under power, then both wheels will be locked, and you will still experience hard steering.

Hope that clears some up.

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