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Detroit Gearless "Easy Steer" Locker

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"This product is designed for use on ATV's which are primarily operated at low speeds in deep mud or snow, where maximum traction from all four tires is desired. It is not intended for ATV riders who will spend most of their time riding at high speeds or riding on hard ground. When the front differential is in full lock, more effort is required for steering on concrete and other hard surfaces."

Can you ride at high speeds when the 4 wheel drive is off? Will it hurt it if you ride on hard surfaces at high speeds for extended times?
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I don't have any experience with the locker but I am assuming that even in 2wd the 2 front tires would be "locked" together but not powered by the engine. If thats the case, wouldn't high speed runs and especially cornering on hard ground cause binding and wheel slip at the front axle as both wheels would have to turn at the same speed. Even if this doesn't cause damage I would think it would affect handling at the very least. I'm sure someone more familiar with the locker will correct me if this is not the case.
Yes, with 4wd disengaged the 4 wheeler turns ALOT easier! It is defintely a bear to turn when in 4wd, especially at slow speeds. The DGL is worth every penny IMO!
when in 2wd the front tires can turn in opposite directions and is just like stock, but when in 4wd it is locked,
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