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decibles of stock rubicon

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Does anyone know the decibles of a stock exhaust on a rubicon? Just curious as how it compares to the HMF Utility if you stuck the quiet core in it. Don't want it too loud to piss my neighbours off if i'm plowing snow at home.
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you don't want the hmf then. the supertrapp isn't that bad. already pissed off my neighbors the first day of my hmf
Yeah agreed you may want to look into something other than HMF. With the quiet core they arent overly loud but they still put out a good amount of sound.
First off, I'm brand new to everything and don't know anything. That being said I was looking to make mine as quiet as possible and came across the Kolpin ATV stealth exhaust. In looking at reviews (as is always the case) some like it, some do not. It appears Cabelas currently has it on sale as well (Don't know for how long).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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