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Daystar Winch Isolator

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The Daystar winch Isolator

A review by Desert Hawk

With 30 years in Designing and Producing Precision Plastic Components for Four Wheel Drive Trucks, Motocross Bikes, Passenger Cars, and Mountain Bikes and
Since 2000, Daystar has been certified QS 9000 / ISO 9001. This demanding certification, recognized worldwide, ensures our customers that the entire process, from design to shipment, is independently verified and documented to meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

As a ATV Utility rider I carry most everything one would need for the extreme
conditions of the Desert Southwest and the Mountains, One thing that always
drives me crazy is the noise of something bouncing around on my ATV or in my
cargo box !

With a little foam and and packing carefully I was able to decrease the noise
from the box's,Now the next thing was the winch hook as I do not like to run
it all the way into the Fairlead causing damage to it or becoming stuck.

After using bungee's it helped but looked a little tacky and it always seemed
that someone I knew or myself would end up using them for something else.

Then a Very Good Friend & Riding Buddy told me about the Daystar winch isolator
after a very simple installation,I now have excellent protection for my flairlead best of all No Noise and a couple of really neat features !

I always recommend a pair of gloves when working with any winch,With this design
the Daystar Winch Isolator has a custom made fit with finger grips that ease
the control of the cable in and out plus if ever the cable should snap it helps
decrease the wild snapping that is so dangerous with any winch's.

So not only did I solve my winch hook noise and banging problem,I'm protecting
my flairlead,keeping unwanted trail material from coming into the cable spool
and kept my machine from looking tacky and ready for any job involving my winch
with a little more safety !

On a scale of 10 I would rate this product A 10+ and would recommend this to
anyone who has a winch on any type of vehicle...Yes I'm that impressed !

Go to the Daystar website and find the dealer nearest you <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Or Call 1-800-595-7659 The Friendly Professional Staff make it so easy to
address all of your off road High Performance needs.

Desert Hawk

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Thanks for the great review and for letting us know about this cool product. I have been using some 1.5" OD (3/6 ID) $0.50 rubber "doughnuts" from McMaster-Carr on both of my winches but this is on a whole nuther level.

FYI, I have used Daystar products for many years and even have their Front Spring Lifts on my 05 F-150. If they make it then I am comfortable it will work as advertized!

I can't find details on their website such as pricing etc. Any idea of the "street" pricing?
it seemms like good thing to buy but one qustion remaines
what does it cost?
QUOTE ("degerman":1c9gjrmx)
it seemms like good thing to buy but one qustion remaines
what does it cost?
It should retail for about 24.95.
thanks desert hawk both for the info and you know what..
QUOTE ("degerman":2usjs1zr)
thanks desert hawk both for the info and you know what..
Anything for a Pal

The Daystar web site is now updated
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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