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D1 or D2 ??

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On a 05 Rubicon, what is the differance in D1 and D2? I just traded up a few weeks ago. I can't really tell there is any change when I switch from D1 to D2?
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From what my buddy tells me that has a 03' Rubicon, D1 is geared more
for slower, & more torque. D2 is for more power, or those long trail rides
if that makes any sense. To clarify what i just said, D1=Work & D2=Play.
D1 the tranny shifts at peak horsepower. D2 the tranny shifts at peak torque.
AAAHH OK? So D1 for road and D2 for trails??
Or is that backward??

Or as one friend said,D1 for everything!!
I have never saw that diagram before. That definatley clears it up.
D1 for sport or trail ridin' & D2 for more torque.
i never even use d2
d1 is enough for everything well acutally i use low all the time and d1 just when i know where gonna be going over 25 mph
WOW!! Thanks, thats why I love these Forum's there is always an expert lurking out there somewhere!!
I was used to my old 93 4x4, you just pinned it back and shifted when when it screamed for mercy!!!

Thanks again!
I love the Ribicon, overall, But Now for what I DON"T like. The auto will NOT dig form a dead stop on a bank or a obstical?? It just sits there and strains. Back up as little as a foot or two, hit 1/2 throttle and it will hammer??
The old Four Trax would at least did a hole butted up against something?
So on my Rubi as im already on the trail i should go in D1 or D2? On D or L? Same in the mud, I should be on L and D1?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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