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Question regarding the D1 and D2. I am confused on which one to use for trail and every day normal use. I usually go in D1, but my buddy who has an 03 says use D2 for everyday trail riding.
I would say, go with D1. It better for cruising around, i suppose thats what you will be doing on trails...

My maintenance schedule in the manual says first value adjustment and oil change is at 20 hours or 100 miles Shocked . So if I am wrong let me know, I need to take mine now because I'm at 10 hours now. Thanks Chris,
And about oil change, i would change your oil soon. i went like 30 miles over the thing they said in the manual and my oil was almost pitch black. Good idea to do it now.

But i don't know about the valve adjustments, they have never been adjusted ever since i got my bike.

How would you adjust them.?? Do i have to take it into the dealer.?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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