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D1/D2 ESP switch question?

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Good Day all,

I recently purchased a '07 Rubicon and after reading the manual and talking to the dealer I'm not sure I understand the difference between the D1 & D2 selection? I understand the ESP selection but from what I have read about the D1/D2 it seems that there are a a lot of different opions about the use of this switch.

I have seen D1-horsepower, D2-torque? Any truth to this? Is it different shift points? Also I have read several places that if you use D2 for an extended amount of time you will burn up the transmission?

I have always owner Polaris ATV and thought I would try out the Hondas. So far I really like it and from what I have read I think it will be a great asset to our camp.

Thanks in advance,

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Welcome hemlockdj

For my riding conditions I run in D1 90%
of the time,D2 for the mountain runs in the
snow or if I ever see deep mud.

With over 6100 miles never had any kind of
an issue
Thanks for the reply. That is what I was guessing, just wanted to confirm it. Most indivuals that I have talked with told me thy only use D2 in snow/mud conditions.

Thanks again,

D1 = Horsepower, this means its pretty much normal. Great for going through trails and for high speeds.

D2 = Torque, this is great for low traction conditions, such as mud and snow. This actually works quite well in mud etc.

From experience, i find that D2 isnt that great for ripping around in the roads and some trails, i ussually use it for muddy conditions.

hope this helps.
D1 or D2

Hi I've been running D2 since I bought mine earlier this year, if you search down the post, I found a schematic that shows the rpms vs shift points. It appears that D1 runs in the higher rpms before it shifts, D2 runs down in the lower rpms when shifting. All I do is putt around with mine, rarely sees 20 mph, I've been keeping it in D2. I also heard hearsay about burning up the tranny also, but haven't found anything that proves so.

D1 or D2

Here is the schematic
Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate all the help, now its time to enjoy the new toy.

Happy quadding
why is it that I get more top end out of mine in d2?
take a look at the schematic, as you can see it shows that the D2 mode has a little more top end.
D1 or D2

I thought I read somewhere that the older Rubicons D1, D2 are backwards from the newer ones. Can't remember where I seen that. I like running mine around in D2 seems to rev less and the engine brake is not as intense. Maybe the honda mechanic on here might know something?

i find that when im going up hills, my D2 revvs way more than the D1.
After taking mine out this weekend I tried all the combinations and did not notice a lot of difference in D1/D2. I guess I will have to pay closer attention.

exactly how much faster can you go in D2????
I cant tell the difference in D1 & D2 on mine. (maybe its cause I got 28'' laws on it)
I was comparing them both the other day and found that D2 goes faster and reaches top speed quicker then D1 it was about 2 mph faster and reached that speed about 75 yards sooner then D1 reached it's top speed.
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