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CV Joints

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Hey guys i was just woundering how do you take the front axels apart. How do you tell that they are warn out. I think they might be. I had a pretty big lift. Thanks
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They usually start popping once they start wearing out, or the cages just break. if you had it over lifted you will not get the axle apart without some type of grinding of the inboard cup where the axle has been rubbing it. Been there done that.

on the inboard cv cup, remove the boot clamps and slide the boot down the axle. on the inside lip of the cv cup there is a lock ring. use a prick or something with a good point and pop it out. then you can slid the cage out of the cup. on the back side of the cage there is a snap ring to remove the cage from the axle.

the outboard cv and axle is sold as an assem. (haft shaft) it is not made to be taken apart.
Ya thats what I thought im going to have to go with the grinder because i have some metal shavings in side it the outer edge is waren out you cant even tell there is a lock ring there lol. You know any wherre I can get a new one? thanks
oh and does the new inboard cup come with a new bearing? Thanks
The inboard cup comes with the cv bearing only. Here is an online parts finder with honda part #'s.

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