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CV front Axel Rebuildable?

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Do I need to replace the front axel (the boot got a hole in it and the mud and water took care of the joint) or can a car CV joinat place repair it?
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im pretty darn sure there is not a car cv u can use, did u already brake the cv if so gorilla gorilla makes rebuild kits that could fix it but if it not broke u can jus pull the axle out, replace the boot clean the cv real well and put grease abck in and it should be jus fine
I took it all apart and cleaned the outside cv rally well. (In a parts washer) It is not broke but it binds up in a couple of areas, It does not take much junk in there to make thing stick and bind. Talk about a rough ride with the cv binding up.
Yes a car axel repair shop can rebuild it i dont know how they did it but i have had it done before i took it to a one hour place and it was done in 45 minutes........that is in florida though so i dont know if anyone in your area will do it you should check it out it was $130 to get it rebuilt so you can actually buy one from honda for about the same price as that but i needed it done that day so that i could ride
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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