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cv boot replacement

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How hard is it to replace the front outside cv boot? Mine has a small rip in one of them.
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It shows the ball joint tool ..We have 1 but it only gets used a couple of times a year .. The ball joint is a taper fit ..if you remove the cotter pin & nut then hit the side (where the taper ball joint goes thru the knuckle) they will pop right apart..

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Wow! With instuctions like that, i think that i
could even do it. Honda Mechanic, you are
a great asset to this place.
Man that's some work just to change a boot. Is there any way to repair the small slit, about 1/2 inch long?
Duct Tape!!!
QUOTE ("bnjeep":3c9e5r13)
Duct Tape!!!
Ok Neil. what do you use to hole up your pants?? Duct tape??

I have heard of using "liquid tape" Its for insulting wires so it should be at most hardware stores, it looks something like a PVC glue can. I just couldn't on how long it will last. CVs are too expensive to "rig" something IMO. But then again I'll try anything once!
bailing twine
its not that hard.....i did the inside one and there was nothin to it
If you have not brought your boot yet, I would recommend getting the gorilla boot for stock axles, they last longer than OEM boots
yes...... i would have to agree with mudbum....its worth the few extra dollars for the quality and durability
I changed mine by removeing the 2 upper A arm bolts, and the lower shock bolt. and the Axel nut there was enough clearance this way to remove the axel and change the boot. Also I recomend using a torque wrench on the castle nut. 58 ft lbs
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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