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CV Boot Guards?!.

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Hello just wondering what everyone's favorite boot guards are? I have cycle country and don't like them I don't think thy come up high enough to protect the CV boot. Which one should I buy next. I aslo want protection under A-Arm cycle country has that also but
im not sure if they all do. Let me know what you think
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Check out the aluminum products stik guards, their made out of very stout aluminum. Look in my pics.
oxlite are nice ones they cover alot of area. my buddy had moose on his rubicon and if they would get bent just a little they would cut the cv boot. but like SASQUATCH said the aluminum product ones are nice too.
I think alum. products make the best all around one
thanks for the input. Do the alum poducts protect bottom of A-Arm to?? Thanks again
check them out at
I like the Oxlites, we have them on both our bikes, they are super strong and give the boots lots of coverage.
Aluminum Products are great.
Heres some pics of mine, TEXAS MUDSLINGER punched some holes in them for added drainage.
Stick gaurds

I've had experience with both Alum. products and oxlite I currently have the A.P.s on my Rubi mainly due to the wieght issue they seem to work good and they look great also no bolts hanging down so they have a clean appearance. one thing,they dont cover the outboard C.V.'s as well as i like so i left the plastic ones on there and ground the A.P.'s so the would'nt rub the plastic. both cover the a-arms well. the oxlite's are like a tank ,i had them on a 450 E.S. and had great coverage but they wiegh more
Sorry I meant I ground the plastic outter gaurds so the A.P.'s would'nt rub It's what the honda dealer where I bought mine does but like I said, the only thing I got against them is they still dont cover the outter boot like the ox-lites
Has anyone tried the Savant Stick Stoppers? They have an aluminum version also. They appear to have better outboard boot protection for the 05-06 Rubicon. They have turned a "lip" outward for more protection. I plan to get a set shortly.
I use the ricochet skid plates front and back they have awesome coverage and are super strong and the mounting is nearly bulletproof.a couple pics from when i did my front wheel bearings they show the front plates.
i have the savant stick stoppers and personally i like the ap better but the savant are a lot higher than the ap
Truckman, I like the look of those. Do you have any clearance problems or tire rub?

I may get those instead of the Savants.
they would just clear with stock wheels but with my itp wheels i have plenty of room.remember mine is a rancher in the pics but my buddy has them on a foreman 500 and they are exactly the same.they cover almost to the top a-arm.
Again.... As Boomhower would say.....Yup..Ummmm ..
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