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CV BOOT grease?

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what is supposed to be in the CV boot? what type of grease? should it be packed?

reason i am asking is b/c a while back i started hearing a popping noise, i changed the bearings and bushings and stuff, still have the same noise.

one of those bands on my cv boot popped off so i put a steel clamp on it...

i am guessing that it's finally kaput.

i know there is supposed to be some type of grease or something in there. i just wanna know before i start taking it apart.
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most any auto stores will have it, they have it listed under either cv boot grease or outboard grease and usually keep it behind the counter.
crash did u get ur arms back together yet. i got half my parts in rest is on back order.

your local shop should have the cv grease for liek 6 bucks..
All it is in bearing grease. Make sure to pack it good.
Definatly go buy a tube of outboard C/V boot grease at an auto parts store. Inner and outer C/V joints are diffrent in design and usually have diffrent types of grease as well.
ok, so what should it look like inside the boot then?

i may take it off and opener up and look in there to see what's going on...then pack it full of grease and see if the noise stopps...
if it's snapping then the joint is done and needs to be replaced, It's usually a dark green or black color grease that is in there try repacking it first and you may get a little more time out of it but my money is on the fact it will bust just when you need it .
its more of a popping seems that it happens mostly when i am in first, sitting still and i hit the gas to pops then is fine for a while...

it did it alot before i changed my bearings, then wasn't so bad...i changed my front arm bushings, then only heard it twice on my last 2 hour ride

i saw someone say something about their clutch pops but i think when mine pops i feel it a little in the steering...
check tie rods
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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