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CV Boot Gaurd Damage...PIC

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Went riding yesterday with a few freinds. First time out on the new tires and lift. Somehow or another THIS happened. Really not sure how, found when I was washing. Appearantly got caught up on something and bent the CV boot gaurd down parralell to the tire. Didn't damage anything else.

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Wow those guards are pretty tough too. Looks like you could have backed up over a tree stump and bent it down like that! I have the oxlite qaurds to. Best $30 I spent so far for my foreman. Thanks for sharing the pic...
thats what they are there for! could u imagine how bad of damage u woulda had?
Yeah it would have been rough. Good news is it is half way back to normal after a good 20 mins of beating with a hammer.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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