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CV / A-Arm Guards

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I've been looking for a set of A-Arm guards for my '05 500 4x2 Foreman. I bought a set last week that were supposed to fit the Foreman and the Rubicon, but when I went to install them they didn't seem to fit snug and mount up right. I took them back, but they didn't have any suggestions.

My main thought is if the 4wd is different than the 2wd. I haven't looked at them side by side to be able to tell.

Has anyone found a set of guards that fit the 2wd?

And are the A-Arms different for the 4wd vs. the 2wd?

I'm really not looking for flashy. I'd prefer black. The ones that I bought and returned were black diamond plate. They really looked good, but didn't work.


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I have a set of Oxlite boot guards on mine and they look nice and work perfectly. Below is a picture of them on my Foreman. Well, you can only see one but that is the best picture I had for an example.
Highlifter has a pair of diamond plate boot guards for $135.
Here is the link.
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Here is a picture of what they look like, I hope that these will fit your Foreman.
Those both look good. I'll have to call and check to see if they will definately fit my 2wd.


Just out of curiosity why do you want them if your machine is 4X2?
QUOTE ("wvforeman":3gq1ee6k)
$135....isnt that a little ridiculous???
I'm sorry for appointing that one to you, I didn't mean to pick out that expensive of one.
A-arm guards work good on 2wds to help keep stuff out of the oil coolers by deflecting sticks instead of angling them up and into your business. They also guard your A-arms (LOL) from stumps and such. I have a 4x4 with the AP guards on it and somehow bent one last weekend!!! They are aluminum so it was easy to bend back but still it almost took out my cv boot!!!!
I have the oxlites.......they are very strong and protect the upper boot very good but as for the lower boot it doesnt help to much
Alumnium Products seem to cover more of the arms. My wife has the Oxlites, and I dont like the 2 piece construction. It leaves a gap in the outer CV joint. Will be buying her the Alumnium Products ones here shortly.
The Aluminum Products brush guards cover the entire A arms. They are three sided covers. The belly plate covers great as well. The only thing I noticed with the boot covers is they will cause the platic brake caliper guard to rub when you steer tight. They will also make a popping sound. After some riding, I was able to see where the rubbing was and used my dremel tool to trim off some of the plastic. Works great.
I was mainly wanting the guards for the reasons stated above. Any help with keeping that 'One' unwanted stick running up through the cooler will pay for itself in the long run. Plus a little less drag compared to the open a-arm itself will help to maneuver some of those tight spots.

I also think it will help deflect sticks out of the fenders a little as well. On my brothers old Suzuki QR the front inner fenders were always having to be repaired from a stick and debris coming up and cracking the fenders.

Thanks guys, I'll look into all of these.

I have the Savant Stick Stoppers. They have good coverage, good fit and a good price.

Take a look there.
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