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Cutting Carb Spring......should I? If so, how?

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I saw some posts months ago about clipping the spring after 13 coils or something.

is it worth it?

does it improve performance that much?

I was thinking that it may help now that i changed my jet and stuff...

anyway, if you know how let me know and i will try it and see...
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I did that mod to my bike about 1 year ago. basically cut in half or a little sess is what I did. I noticed alot better throttle responce. It is a ver easy mod to do.

There are several good posts with pics on how to cut the spring. Should find them easily with a search. I didn't notice any big difference when I cut mine. Maybe a little quicker throttle response but it's hard to tell as I went to 27's at the same time so it's difficult to compare.
Doesn't cost anything , doesn't seem to hurt and easy to reverse if you don't like it so might as well try it. Several have reported great results.

i think i will give it a try this afternoon...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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