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cut fenders

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do you have to have a fender kit, cut the fenders, or take anything off with 28in laws.
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9.5" or 10.5"

I would say that with a lift and 9.5 you should be fine. If you want to save the money you could probably bend the supports to get them out of the way.
i am putting 9.5 in the front and 10.5 in the rear
u might wont know until u put them on. so hopfully yer not afraid to trim a little plastic . my buddy has 29.9s on his foreman and had to cut some of his fenders.
thats suppose to be 29.5. dont know why i typed a 9 there.
The fender ki tlike HL sells only moves the brakets around, so your tires will no trub the brackets, I do not believe the will help a clearance problem with the fender itself.
I think that with the fender kit and a little trimming they will fit fine
thanks for all the replys thats all i needed to know. i will put a fender kit and cut what i have to cut
And then take plenty of pictures
it will take awhile for some good pictures, i need to get a serious job but i will get some as soon as possible
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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