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custom snorkel and DJ jet kit

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I just Installed a custom snorkel and a DJ 170 main jet. I did everything the instructions said do but the bike doesn't seem like it is right. I live in La. and was needing some advice. the bike was sputtering in 1st and 2nd gear at high rpms. I adjusted the a/f screw about a1/4 more and seemed to help and also had to turn the snorkel opening towards the front. which I didn't like . I have a stock exhaust for now but need some help with the jet. the snorkel starts off from the air box 1.5 pvc pipe the changes over at the front of the bike to 2" and through the fender

please any advice
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With a custom snorkel and stock exhaust you can get away with some minor adjustments on the carb or maybe one size up over the stock jet. You are way to big on you jet.
so which jet should I be using to get the best proformance of the bike. its a 500 foreman 06. and should the snorkel pipe be 2" all the way ? the reason I went with the 170 jet was that is what the kit called for .
most everyone on here runs a 170 jet with a snorkel and k&n fitlter, i dont know if it is too big though, but dirty knows what hes talkin about, id believe him over me anyday
your not going gain any perforamance with just a snorkel. An aftermarket exhaust, filter and jet kit will give you a few more HP.

I dont rememeber what the stock jet is on the foreman 500. Bike like I said above may one over stock or just fine tune alittle.
the stock on the 06 is 162 if i remember correctly when i took mine out.
Thanks Guys

Hey Natedizzer what jet are you running in yours????

I changed the pipe to 2" all the way from the airbox to the front and no sputtering or backfiring. all worked well and looks good to. I dont know if I still need to change the 170mj to the 165 or smaller

Thanks agian guys for all you help
Hey guys I think I Fixed my foreman with the jet and snorkel. It seems to be running realy good . i moved the Clip on the needle up to the 2nd notch and noticed a little more of a change so its going to stay there for a few rides to see how it does.

Like I said before thanks guys for your help
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