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Custom Rear Winch Project

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Hi Guys,

Finished up a few details on my Custom Rear Winch Install and thought I would share in case others want to do this in the future.

It was really easy and I did without modifying anything on my 07 Foreman. Didn't have to drill any holes, or anything. I came up with a "clamp fit" using some bits I had lying around. It was also nice to have both front and rear solenoid assemblies tucked away and mounted in a safe place. I think it turned out great.

Can't wait to go in the woods and drag some trees out tomorrow!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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nice clean job, looks great
QUOTE ("Dirty4man":3e17pyit)
nice clean job, looks great
Thank you! It will look even better soon. I am going to give it a workout the next few weeks and then try it out over Labor Day at the Hatfield-McCoy trails in WV. If everything is OK I will then take it all apart and have my wife Powder Coat all the parts gloss black so it will look more factory and blend in with the frame etc.
Wow thats sweet!!
Nice work! Looks clean enough to be a factory install.
QUOTE ("big_daddy_bigfoot":dd4bnett)
Wow thats sweet!!
QUOTE ("H4":dd4bnett)
:thumbup: Nice work! Looks clean enough to be a factory install.
WOW, Thank you both very much!

I have already had a few requests and I am probably going to make a CAD drawing of the mounting plate when I take it back off for Powdercoating. Then I could e-mail the DXF file to anyone and they could take it to a Water Jet, Plasma or Laser cutter and have it made for $50 or less. The rest of it is just normal nuts bolts an washers available at any hardware store. The pre-07 Foreman and Rubicon will be easier as deciding how to remount the single taillight of the 07 took more time than anything else.

Here are a few more daylight pics...
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Looks good! I did the same mod, I have some pictures on here on another thread. I did mine with one switch and a toggle on the headlight pod to select between the two winches. Sure is nice to have 2 winches, I have used it several times and really glad it was there!
Thats slick
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