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custom lift

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i plan of making a custom lift for my 450 and i need to know if i will need to extend the a arms and the tie rods. will it be a hard task? has anyone ever done this if so your help would be appreciated
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how much lift or u taking about? if u have the tools and equipment to do this with, it will only take time and a lot of brain power to come up with a design.
The angles will probably be the hard part. As long as it isn't higher than about 2" you shouldn't have to extend anything. If you do have the proper tools, it would probably be good to go ahead and extend everything. You might have a problem with stress if you start to cutting and welding.
check this link out to my forum for our riding group. one of our members is making the lift for a 450 foreman, it is going to be awsome. more pics to come as the build gets closer. there shooting to have it done before mud nationals.

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Looks like he has he hands full for awhile. keep us updated.
yea i think im just gonna extend everything how did he fab. the rear axle?

The lift came together really well, Just have to finish a-arm and send to paint. The only stock part modified was the swingarm
the a-arms will be built with square tubing instead of round tube. buzsaw is the builder of this project so if you have any questions just ask him and he will help you out with some info.
will have the a-arm pic's this weekend
buzz for some reason the pic's did not load up. The first few are there, but not the new ones.
You have to scroll to the right side an click the download on each, then a new page will come up. Sorry, they are load different than the first few.
got it, thanks buz. the bike going to have some jack. how wide is it going to be? Nice layout on the a-arms and the balljoint set up. looks like it will be there awhile.
Do you still have the stock rear joint in that boot or did you put a more heavy duty joint. In the pictures it looks like its being stressed alot.
That thing is looking mean
yea the bike is looking alot better from last weekend, i havent been to see it with the a-arms on it. i waiting for my chance to ride it
Gorilla Custom Axle's
i was thinking about making a bracket of some sort instead of extending the a arms. do yall think i should just extend them or make the bracket?

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