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Custom Foreman bumper!

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I have been leisurely working on a upgraded bumper for months now and it kinda got thrown into high gear a couple of weekends ago when I smashed mine in. Now I am seemingly about to finish it up. I have copied the stock bumper diminsions and angles but changed the materials. Instead of the flimsy tubing used stock, I am using sch #40 pipe. Instead of the plastic center "grill", I used diamond plate steel bent around to look just like the plastic piece does. I have the AP bash plate and that has made it easier to put this thing together lately since I can literally lay the pieces together and bolt them to the bash plate then weld the parts together. Also, since the original bumper is trashed, I cut the headlight braces off and will be using them attached to my new bumper! As soon as its finished I will try to get some pictures taken and attach them for all to see. Originally I planned on making one and then semi mass producing them. After all the time I have spent on this one, I would basically lose my a$$ trying to make them this way. So instead if anyone is intrested I will make a list of the materials needed and wish you good luck!
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That sounds great, I can't wait to see the finished product. How about this though. Have you thought about patenting your design then selling it to an aftermarket company. Since your the only one with that type of design. I know I couldn't build it. I couldn't build a sandcastle in a mold.
I don't believe I could patent it since its a direct copy of Hondas design just using different materials. But no I don't want to bother with patenting it since it only would fit 2 models covering 3 yrs so far.
Well I just finished the bumper today, isn't as "snazzy" as I hoped but still looks decent IMO. Unfortunately I can't upload pictures since my personal computer pooed out about 3 weeks ago. I ended up getting hurried with alot of other things (that pay) needing done around the shop so it really doesn't look as professional as I was shooting for. I have decided though that in addition to a front bumper I am going to remove the hangers for the floorboards and make some out of 1" square tubing and 1 1/2" flat steel. Mine keep getting all contorted and misshaping my plastic. This "should" be rather easy compared to the front bumper. If it turns out well I will shoot all the measurements (I am no engineer so the angles will be your descretion) of the stuff I use. I also am hoping to get a back bumper made since I have some pipe and flat steel laying around that would be great for it.
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Here is a bad pics of mine in the process and on
I wanted something other than the stock bumper. Heres what Im in the process of building. I still need to attach the grill.
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