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Culloden 3-3-07 / Who's Goin???

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Bunch of us from the LaGrange area are going to Culloden on Sat. Anybody interested in going?
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Not everybody at once I'm having a hard time keeping up with the
LOL I hear yah! I just rode town creek last weekend..... Need a weekend off! A bunch of us are going to Highland park in cedartown GA early April. I here that place is awesome **** Saturday looks like its gonna be a nice day too. Have fun!
I rode Highland Park last year. Nice trails and setup but no mud.
a little late but, we rode rocky creek sunday for the first time(usually go to durahmtown) we will definitley be going back,that place is pretty good.A lot more laid back than durahmtown.Let us know when ya'll are going back.
Will do Tater, we go at least once a month its a little drive for us but like you said they're laid but and if it rains it's alway just how we like it, sloppy!!
Have yall heard about Broad River ATV? I have heard some good things about them cant wait to go in a few weeks.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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