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CTE Shocks........

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How much are they? Is this the only difference in the standard Honda and Honda CTE edition?
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Don't know how much the shocks are, as far as I know that is the only difference. I have ridden both and the CTE definitely rides way better, wouldn't mind putting them on mine also.
Darn it Eric now I'm interested.
i never know there was different shocks for a foreman.. i knew u could get aftermart shock which are like 1000.00.... do u guys have link on them......
Did some searching and found this info:

Front CTE shocks part number 51400-HN2-A22 $135.35 Canadian
Rear CTE shocks part number 52400-HN2-A22 $195.92 Canadian

I got this info off another site so you would have to check with your dealer for actual price and availability.
where did you find that info? I tried looking up some Canuk sites but wasn't able to find any parts.
The numbers & prices above are right .. I posted the same info here in March 2006 ..

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... ght=shocks</a>

When I checked these shock numbers the only place I could find them was at work .. There was no online info at all except for Honda Com ..

A Honda dealer in the US maybe able to check these numbers for you now ,but when I checked last March these were Canada only part numbers and when the numbers are punched in it may come up as invalid part number ..
Honda Mechanic why does Honda do that? Make them different for different countrys?
Honda Mechanic, is this the only difference with the machine?
Honda Mechanic why does Honda do that? Make them different for different countrys?
This is a Great Question.....anybody know?
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