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Cross threaded Rear Diff Drain Plug

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While doing the PM, I ran the Rear Diff drain plug in by hand. However, I must have cross threaded it because now it won't tighten up all the way.

I'm so mad at myself!!! Anyhow, how should I fix? Right now, it's appears that it's tight enough to not leak but I'm not sure. I did put some blue colored Tightner on the back half of the bolt.

Any thoughts on how to fix? Thanks
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drain plug bolt

I had a similar problem with mine. Tried to torque it down to spec's, but just kept turning and never got tight. The head of the bolt just twisted right off? Felt like bolt was made of soft metal. Had to have it drilled out and retapped. Pissed me off, cause i was trying to save money by changing dif fluid myself and it ended up costing me more!!

If you ride in water you need to check the gear oil every once in awhile to make sure that no water has gotten in. You should change it at least once a year.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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