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cool little video put on by a local new channe from around here
this is where me and my buddies ride every sat.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... geId=5.7.1</a>

just click play!
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Cool, wish my 4wheeler was half as fancy as those.
Time and money little grasshopper!
SWEET looks like a nice spot to ride
Im workin on it,

Bout to get the rims/tires
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Nice how do you like your audiopipe?
Sounds great, but some retard who rode my 4wheeler left it plugged in for 3 days and killed the bat.
Oh well can't you charge it up?
Im workin on it.. Going to go look at those rims/tires in a little while..
i have an audiopipe as well, i like it a lot. but sometimes i'd like something that could go a little louder!

yeah crosby is a kickA place to ride, i love it.
i recommend everyone making a trip down here if possible
I would shop around, how many miles are on them? You can get new ones for that price 12's anyway. I picked up a set of blk itp type 7's with 28 mud bugs for 300 but I got a **** of a deal from a **** of a guy! I traded the bug for mudlites even up on another great deal.
**** good deal. 14in rims 37in mudlites 700 dollas for lugnuts and everything about 20 miles on them.
haha nope 37s... haha sry didnt see that, but does that sound good? (the price, not 37s)
thats 100 more
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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