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Crashed Foreman!

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My buddy was on his way to work this morning and had a bad crash....He was going across an old train bridge that is covered with wooden planks , but some are not spiked down. One of them must have popped up when he was going across. Sure made a mess of his Foreman. He is in the hospital right now, waiting for a cat-scan... Hoping that he will be alright.
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I'll keep your buddy in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted,
Wow doesn't look very good...hope everything is ok.
Hope your buddy's ok.
I hope your friend is o.k.
hope your friend is ok.. and for the foreman... just time and money... but you never know wat will happen..
Hope he's ok!
Sorry to hear about the accident, hope your buddy is doing good.
hope hes doing better.
He was riding his 4 wheeler to work?
QUOTE ("JRICH":19dlkdri)
He was riding his 4 wheeler to work?
Yes....He works on a farm about a mile from his house...
I hope your friend will be all right.
I hope your friend pulls through O.K. He will be in our prayers.Seeing something like that is scary.Was he wearing a helmet?
hope your friends turns out ok. that is scarry
My buddy's wife called me tonight he's going to be ok but he does have a small fracture in his skull....No he was not wearing a helmet but I bet he will never ride with out one again...It will be awhile before him or the foreman will be back on the trails.....
ya thats good to hear... my parents make me wear a helment all the time.. but i whould anyway... says the most imporant part on your body.. sorry for the spelling
thats good news to hear. this might give my mom a reason to buy me a hemate since she has wanted to buy me once since we go the foreman but never has.
Let's stay focused on the topic and not make this a helmet issue............please. I hope your friend is ok
Hope your friend gets well soon.

Eric I understand your not pro helmet, but if he would have had one on he would not have a broken skull. You have to admit that!
How fast was he going?

Glad to hear he will be ok.
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