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crankcase vent

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i called the guy that is looking at my bike and he said i am getting (his words exactly)"i am getting blowback out of the crankcase ventline" i asked him what that meant, he said i probably need a ring job on my bike, i asked him how much that would be and he said it might not just be the rings, might have to bore it and get new whatever else goes along with that crap............anyone bored there foreman yet? if so how much did the entire job cost yall...he gave me a price but i think the prices ive seen so far are a little higher than what this guy is charging or what he said he would do it for
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I thought you were suppose to get some blowby out of the crankcase vent while the engine is running If the crankase is not vented won't the crankcase pressure from the piston moving up and down push oil or the seals out of the engine
yea thats what i thought also, makes sense to me but its like smoke coming out of the vent which isnt smoke, nasty sutty stuff
we pulled a guy out of the woods last time, his bike wouldn't run...we took off the seat and tried to start it without the air filter and gray smake was coming out of the crankcase vent...which can only mean that something isn't sealing in the engine...the rings....and the fuel is getting around the piston...

that is what we were told by the guy when he brought it in to get checked...

so to sum it up, it's not good.
any clue what it cost to bore it and get all new stuff?
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