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crankcase vent

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I need to know how to reroute my crankcase hose or see some pictures on doing it thanks
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You need to get some tubing about 3 feet from the local dealer or auto store, I believe it is 6mm, call your dealer they will know. You will also need a few hose clamps. The crank case vent is located below the air filter, it is the metal tube that runs from the air box down to the crank case at a 45 degree angle. Just unclip the metal tube. Insert the new tubing run it up the reft left side of the carb, loop it over the carb and back down to the crank case and secure it with the hose clamps. that's all the really is to it. If you want better instructions you can go to the triange ATV website I believe it has better instructions. hope this helps.
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I rerouted my crankcase today. I got heater hose and it is touching my heat shield on my exhaust just a little bit. will it melt that heater hose
Probably, I would re -oute to and get it off any exhaust part. Mine doesn't touch anything. How did you route it? It should be clear of any exhaust component.
I came out of the crankcase under the carb and up the rightside over the carb and down the leftside to the air box

so basically what you are doing is attaching a hose to the end of the

metal tube... then running it up around the carb a few times and then

back to the air box... is that right?
Cra5h that is right it makes it harder for water to get into the crank case if you get water ino the air box. There is a link on a reply above on hoe to do it.
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