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crank case breather tube

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I have a 04 foreman and i have vented the crank case breather tube up to my handle bars with a small filter on it . Is this ok to do or should i run it back to my air box? alsohas anyone seen a custom lift built for the front of a foreman using brackets?
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either way if fine as long as it is filtered.

my crankcase breather tube is looped up high over the fuel tank and run back down to the air box.
lift kit

here is a link to anser youre question for the lift kit. i did dit on my 450 and it works great but where u attach youre u bolt to youre shock instead of 3/16 flat bar i used 1/4" i have been jumping with my quad nothing ever bent.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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