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Cooling fan?

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I think I screwed up the cooling fan on my 04 Foreman. After washing with my pressure washer, the fan doesn't start anymore. Any suggestions on what to look for? Where is the thermostat located? Is there a connector somewhere that I could have blown apart with the pressure washer? Any help would be appreciated.
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My wife has an 04' Foreman ES as well. I tooks hers to the shop
& was surprised to find out all it was, was a stick had gotten up
in there & pried the connection plug apart. Plugged it back in &
it worked fine.

I did look around a little for something like that, but didn't see anything obvious. I'll give it a more thorough going over.

I take it that this connector is near the fan?
QUOTE ("Itasca":2fa7znq5)
Where is the thermostat located? .

The Thermo is located on the rear bottom of the motor, Should be a blue wire running by your foot brake on the right side. You might have to pull the skid plate off to get to the thermo. But u can look in there and see if the wire is still hooked up. Also the same blue wire, with the key on you should be able to ground the wire out to the frame, motor and the fan should kick on. This blue wire is known for coming off.
Thanks Dirty4man! That will help a lot!
Exactly what happened to mine, pulled the skid plate and found it. Easy fix.
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