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cooling fan problem

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I think is broke!!!!
when i fisrt got the bike (07 foreman 500) the cooling fan seemed to turn on often exspecially rideing at low speeds. now i noticed that it never kicks on. What wires do i need to check for the fan and where are they located. is there any other way that i can check if it a wire problem or fan motor problem? is there a temperature sencer or something that i need to check and if so where and how do i do that.
thanks for your help.
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To check the system you remove the wire from the thermo sensor and ground it .. The fan should start .. The thermo sensor is at the rear bottom of the engine below the reverse lock-out lever/cable and just above the skidplate ...
hey thanks for the info. I will take a look at that tonight. do i need to pull the skid plate off or can i see that wire just by looking under the bike?
i checked it like you said and the fan kicks on. i guess my wires are good to go.
am i just paranoid about over heating or can a sensor go bad? if so and i unscrew the sensor what do i need to look for.
again thanks for the help.
its my first bike and i am just learning!
yea your probably just a little over paranoid about it. I was to when I first got mine. In the begining my fan came on all the time i think it must have ran hotter during the break in period than it does now because my fan rarely comes on anymore.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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