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Cooling Fan Not Working

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? for you mechanics on here. I have read most of the fan topics I can come across. Went out this Wknd to check my fan as I have never heard it turn on.
Anyway I found the blue wire under motor. I pulled it apart and with key on touched it to ground.
I had a clicking sound from the front of the quad and the oil light came on but not the fan. It should spin at this time...yes???
Is there anything else I can do to check the fan?? Is it the fan motor, relay, control box, fuse??

Thanks for any help guys

Where can I get a good price on fan, differnt brands? pulled up the Honda page and its $200+ for the fan.
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most people dont go back and read the old post.
but the first thing to do is reach in with your hand and see if the fan is froze up. I assume you checked the fuses already under the seat. if not there are two wires coming out of the fan, with the blue wire grounded out using a test light one should be hot and the other is a ground. you can also unplug it and using some jumper wires hooked to the battery to see if the fan kicks on. if it does that leaves the fan control unit located under the front fenders by the cdi box. both the fan and the fan control unit can be found on ebay pretty cheap at times, also is going to be the cheapest place for new parts. good luck and hope you fine your problem
OK Culvert, this worked for me. There is a box behind the front right tire on the frame with 2 single wires(White and ?) with a connector with several wires in it coming out the top of the box. Take the single white wire and a few inches out of the box is a bullet connector. Take it apart there and put a ground wire in there and plug it back together. Then when the key is on the fan will run.
To test the fan ground the blue wire going to the oil thermosensor ..
To test the fan motor apply 12v to the blue fan motor wire ..

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thanks guys,
I found it was just a blown fuse. Now I know that there is fuses in the quad.... never did get a owners manual with it when I bought it used.

Simple things
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