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Convert a 2000 Foreman 450 to automatic?

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Here is an odd question. Has anyone heard of any way to convert a stock foreman 450 year 2000 to an automatic tranny like the Rubicon? Heres the reason I ask. I have someone that wants to basically give me a Foreman 450 that is immaculate, problem is he said I cannot take it and sell it, and I can't take a chance to try. If I get it the only real use I'll have would be for my wife or daughter and they would have no desire to shift, so I'm just trying to do some research. I'm going to take it regardless but want to see if anything can be done. Thanks.

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It can be changed to an ES model, but nothing like the rubi. Its alot of work to change over and will get pricey for the parts needed to do it.

They also make aftermarket shifter that bolts onto the foot shift to allow you to shift by hand and foot.
I'll have to look into that hand shifter, any idea where to look? I'm thinking that maybe for the few times that she rides with us together maybe I'll just ride the foreman and give her the Rincon, I actually would rather shift by foot than hand anyway. Thanks
no doubt. it's hard to shift by hand, work the throttle and hold my beer at the same time!
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