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Contactor location

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I am installing the new Warn winch wich i had the wrong mounting plate sent with. Insted of going trough the prosess of sending it back wich would cost me alot i am having it changed so i can use it. But my question is were is the best location for the contactor?
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I located mine inside the rear storage/tool box. Here is a pretty good step by step installation I found:
some people have them in there storage box thing at the back.
and some have them near the battery under the seat.
Mine's in the rear storage box,works great.
mine is on the outside of the rear storage and i have never had a problem
Mines on the right side of my rear storage box and it looks like it was made that way. I took the time to run the wires up the frame with all the others and cut holes in the back of the box to get them run to the battery. Only thing that looks sloppy is the extra wire I have stuffed in the storage box and I would cut them down to size, but have yet to find any ring terminals that I like. (Most places don't carry terminals that big).

Well guys i ended putting the contactor in front of the storage box were the battery box is. Looks ok and easy to wire.
Under the seat where the useless tool kit was. Perfict fit.
useless? thank god for that tool kit, what are you talking about, that thing is great!
QUOTE ("aaanma666":2fds2s92)
useless? thank god for that tool kit, what are you talking about, that thing is great!
OK, the plug wrench is good. The rest I replaced with real tools!
Then made a tool bag and put it in the trunk. Anyway, the location was perfect for the wench contactor. I did however coat the top and sides with liguid ele tape stuff.
Mine is under the seat.
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