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QUOTE ("Itasca":3ktqm1w9)

For what its worth, my "04" Foreman doesn't start nearly as well in the cold weather as my old "91" 300 either. The Foreman needs the primer pumped at least 3 times and the choke on full before it will even fire. The 300 never needed full choke, popped off imediately, and seldom needed any choke at all as soon as it started. I've even had to use the rip-cord on the Foreman to get it started twice this winter already.

And for all you southern gurly-men, -4 is not cold.

Cold is when your propane quits vaporaizing so you can't use it to heat your house. Cold is when the ignition switch in your pickup freezes in the "start" position and needs to be manually returned to the "run" position. Cold is when you have to drive at least 15 miles on the highway before your tires return to round, and 25 miles before your seats don't feel like your sitting on a concrete block.

The top temperature displayed on the thermometer in the picture below is approaching where "cold" starts.

I didnt realize we were in the middle of another ice age...i am going to buy a jacket just in case

I got one word for ya...MOVE! j/k
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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