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Cold Shifting Problem 2007 Foreman ES

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I have finally been able to enjoy some riding time lately on my 2007 Foreman ES. Have put about 200 miles on and other than this one little problem I love it. I have noticed three or four times that when I first start out it does not seem to want to shift from 2 to 3 (Note: I normaly start from parked right in 2). This only lasts for a very short time, a minute tops, but during that time no matter how many times I try to up shift it, it does not shift. I just ride slowly in 2 for a little bit until it works. After that it shifts very. This has not happened everytime I use it just some times.
Anyone had a similair problem, any ideas on the cause, or solution.
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Yep mine did the same thing but it eventually quit,I adjusted the clutch which did seem to help.
Mine does that when I haven't rode in awhile usually after a few seconds it will shift! 1st to 2nd. 06 foreman 80miles My foot shift Rancher does the same thing sometimes 1st to 2nd after the bike warms up no problems.
Ok thanks for the info guys. Its not a big deal and Im not going to worry about it for now. When I get a chance I will read up on adjusting the clutch and maybe give that a try. Think Im gonna do some riding up north this weekend, I cant wait.
mine still does it when cold after adjusting the clutch. Dosen't take long to come out of it though. i find shifting through all the gears a few times sitting still helps.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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