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Cold Lake anyone?

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Anyone from Cold Lake Area in here?
Drop a line so we can get together and take a ride someday a bunch of us, or just talk about the places to go ride.
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Hey there rtherio. Just wanted to tell you that it some awesome country you have up there. I had the privledge of visiting Cold Lake, for about a month this past summer and had a great time! Fishing for Pike at the marina. Man, I would have given my left nut to have the foreman up there! Instead I ended up renting a 4x4 chevy and beating the living **** out of it out at Bear lake, i think it was called.
Were you here on TD?
I work in the Ammo Section and a bunch of you guys were here while i was gone in Eielson AFB for a TD
Yeah, there were roughly 175 Marines and about 12 AV8-B Harriers there. That place is awesome. I think I went fishing about every day! Either the Marina or the boat launch down the road from it. Went to the "Camel Toe" twice I think! LOL Matter of fact I just recieved my WMR? card for my fishing license.
Hi, I'm in cold lake. have not been out mutch this winter, to mutch F*#@&$! Snow. I ride to may lake, tucker lake and all between.
I lived in the north so I've tried to go on the lake last week end was a challenge, well didn't make it, I should probably get new tires and install a lift kit that would help.

how's Riders connection for pricing on tires?
I'm another one up here in Cold Lake. Military aswell. Best year yet for snowfall. Of course I own sleds!!
Glad I picked up the plow for the quad this year though.
Drop some PM's and we can hook up for some rides this spring.
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