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cold blooded

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I know honda is known for being cold blooded, its been about 35 at night and upper 50's during the day. but my foreman did not wanna start the other day it was outside and not started for about 2 weeks. wouldnt start with full choke and i had to push the prime button. just wondering if anyone else has had a problem durring cold weather?
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the best thing to do is to just run it every do don't even have to put it in gear just run it in neatrul for about 5mins and that will problay keep that from happening again
Not that cold around here, but the primer buton is there to help get it started in cold weather. Its just a pain having to take the plastic off to get it before you start riding.
I had the starting problem with mine at new. If you look at the carb discription it says it has a fast idle circuit. Since mine did not start well, idel or anything I took it back to the dealer. He told me ATV's are like that and that I needed to keep it running with the throttle until warm. I told him BS, if it says it will fast idel, it should. Sure enough after two or three trips to the dealer they got it all adjusted and now mine starts right away with the choke, fast idels until warm and stays running after I take the choke off. Hope this helps ya.
I have some problems with my foreman when it's cold up here in the northeast. I have never had to use the prime on mine. Maybe because I run mine everyday.
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