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Cold Blooded Foreman

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Hello all,

New to the board, and new to the Foreman (100 miles on my '08).

Primary use is ranch work - but use it recreationally for ice fishing. Live in east central South Dakota where temps range from -10 to 100+ deg F.

My previous quads have all been Ranchers, the last being an 02 350. Moved up to the 500, and have been very disappointed in terms of cold weather starts. Seems I have to prime near every time I need to start in cold temps (very inconvenient having to take the plastic side panel off everytime). My 350 would start every time with only a choke - only primed if it had been sitting for a week or longer.

I have changed the oil to synthetic 0w- 30, didnt seem to help much. Any other things I can do to improve my cold weather starting performance?

Otherwise pretty happy with the outfit.

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My '06 Foreman is cold -blooded too.I've been thinking about installing a jet kit to richen it up,but the gas mileage is great right now and I DON'T want that to change.Mine cranks a long time before firing,then usually stalls.The second crank it fires up and stays running with the choke out.I agree it's kind of a pain to remove/re-install that right side cover,but a couple pumps on the primer always helps it start easier.
wear the primer is my cover stays off all winter long........ mine isnt bad unless it sits for 2 weeks then its a pain
**** that sucks my 05 sits in a unheated garage usally in a block of ice from riding in snow and slush, but i left it for a month without touching it and the motor turned over twice before starting and it ran perfically it was about -10 -15in Celsiuses and it purred like a kitten only thing done to mine is i make sure the oil and air filter is clean. and have a ngk irodiem spark plug 87 gas and thats it no special treatment i run 5-30 castrol gtx oil., PS i didnt even know it had a primer lol
Do you crack the throttle while cranking with full choke?
I got a Dynojet and HMF,and my bike starts first time in 39' degree weather,but I also turned my idle up a bit.....
nope, i dont touch the throttle at all, never touched anything idle is still where it was set at factory the only thing i did do was tighten the plastic nut under the boot on the choke cable to make sure it stays up it use to slowly go down when idling. i now have 1500miles on her and 183 hours i think lots of slow mud running, where i ride the neighbors get in there with their pick-ups and tear everything to ****
Mine will start right off in 39 deg F also, I'm talking about -10 to 15 deg F here.

I have considered running with my panel off also - so as to easily access my primer. Every time I put it back on with the temp at 0 I'm hoping I dont break it.
It might be more of an expense than you would like, but I noticed a big difference in mine since adding my pipe and jet kit. I live in Maine, so I know about cold starts. I started mine right up today after sitting for two weeks. It has ben getting below zero at night and was around 17 degrees when I started it. I just open the throttle a hair, and cranks right up without choke. I open the choke after it starts, and let it warm up a couple minutes, then I'm good to go. I had hard time starting it last winter, without the jet.
lovethemud2,What jet did you install? A 165 or 170?
That's a good question, I had it installed by the dealership. I just looked at what they gave back to me, and the 170 is still there, and the 165 is missing, so I guess there's your answer.
here's how my bikes been for well over a month.. .and here's a vid of it starting with just choke no throttle or primer at 0°C or 32°F starts the same in colder weather too, non heated garage and enough snow and ice on the ol foreskin
One of the greatest advantages of jet kit: Startup's - cold/hot doesn't matter. Honda's are cold blooded but it is night/day difference with a jet kit.
Amen brother!
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