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codes on a 2003 foreman 450s 4x4

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I was riding this weekend and went through a few mud holes but not deep at all because my girlfriends 250 recon was behind me, but I was going up a hill and the 4x4 light would flash 3-4 times pause and 3-4 times. I got to the top and turned it off for about 2-3 miutes started it back up and it stopped but I would like to know what it was so i can fix it or keep it from coming back. Thanks
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coder for 2003 foreaman

thanks honda mechanic i'll ckeck that out
I can post the tests in a PDF file if you don't have them ..
What if your 4wd system does NOT blink any codes and does not work? Does this mean the 4wd system is shot?

When clicked into 4wd doesnt do anything at all but the 4wd light comes on and stays solid until you turn it back off.

Sorry to hijack post...just curious about my 4wd. Thanks!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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