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Code 5

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my four wheel light blinks five times in a row what does that mean happend will i was out hunting this weekend
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Code #5 is "front final clutch system" .. There are several tests for this error code ..
is it anything to be worried about or should i take it into the dealer for warrenty work
I think that's the code I was getting when mine was new. The cluch was way out of adjustment.
yeah it is on a warrenty still and now i get to talk dad into taking the bike in for work
They told me to just wait until the first oil change and valve check to bring mine in.
the first oil chang as in the 20 hour oil change or what
yea, the first oil change is around 20 hours, mine came on at 15 but the dealer said i didnt have to rush it in it can wait a little while, but if you are haveing problems with the front diff i would bring it in ASAP
i done had my 20 hour im at 36 hours and now it starts blinking at me never had anything blink before
I just reread this and my 4x4 light did not blink it was the gear number. I misread the first post, sorry.
sall good you dont have to apologize
well you still have warrenty that will cover it, so just take it to the dealer and let them fix it so its good as new again, then get out there and test that 4wd all over again
if it was my bike it would done be at the dealer but since its dads and he is to fin lazy to do anything about it. it is proably goign to be left alone untill the diff is past being fixable
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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